Either you have opted for a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan g you have to pay a premium monthly. Premium is another word for payment. This means for a medicare supplement plan you need to pay a fixed monthly payment. Not just the medicare supplement, you also need to pay the monthly premium of your part B medicare, which is compulsory. The medicare supplement plan also is known as part C of the medicare includes both parts A and B of the Original medicare. Along with paying for the medicare supplement, you need to pay for the Part B premium, and if you have opted for a Part A premium service. Review Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan G.

Most of the medicare supplement plans include all of the services that the original medicare includes. So, when you pay for a medicare supplement plan you are not basically paying for the original Medicare, but for the additional services, an supplement plan offers. These additional services include dental services, vision, hearing, transportation. Fitness centres, as well as over the counter benefits. So, when you pay for your Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plan g
you pay a lot less than the benefits you enjoy.

There are many plans in the market offered by different companies which provide the medicare supplement plans at $0 monthly payment. In such a case now you only have to pay for your Part B premium to enjoy health services and be taken care of. For 2019, the standard Part B premium is $135.50 but can change depending on your income.

The health insurance you pay, are billed by two different institutions. The part B of your medicare is billed by the government, whereas the part C or the medicare supplement plan is billed by the private insurance company you took the plan from. There are certain tips on how to make your payments and keep your health coverage.


  1. Make sure to pay both your premiums, that is part B and part c on time so that you do not lose the coverage


  1. Do not miss the part B premium payments for more than three months.


  1. Make sure that your billing address is current and accurate, so that you can receive your bill on time to make your payment.


  1. If a condition occurs when you think you would not be able to complete your payment to the part c provider, do talk to the insurance company. Every company has different rules regarding non-payments.